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#VerifiedHate on Twitter. David Brock and Media Matters Timeline Stalking

#VerifiedHate is a nightmare for those who wish to silence their political opponents under the guise of obliterating hate-speech. We have hundreds of examples showing verified Twitter users broadcasting hatred based upon skin color, and each example is archived thus easily proven authentic.

This shows their bias so effectively that David Brock has already been tasked with doing his best Alinsky impression using his usual brand of low effort propaganda. MSM outlets are also confirming the legitimacy of this campaign by cranking out tutorials for swift tweet deletion. For extra cringe, resist accounts are doing Olympian mental gymnastics, attempting to divert attention away from the content of the tweets and towards the origin of the hashtag.

“Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It”

verified hate chan operation explain away

Divert! Divert! Divert!

This article will be updated until the issue is resolved. Please spread this information everywhere you can and check back for new happenings!

350 Examples of Hate-Speech By Verified Twitter Users:

#VerifiedHate collage 1

#VerifiedHate collage 2

#VerifiedHate collage 3

#VerifiedHate Collage 4


verified hate COLLAGE FINAL 1

verified hate COLLAGE FINAL 2

verified hate COLLAGE FINAL 3

verified hate COLLAGE FINAL 4

Logos For Use On Social Media:

verified hate twitter3verified hate twitter2verified hate twitter1verified hate logo with jack

verified hate logo with jack larger

Relevant Tweets:

art floss dance backpack kid verified hate

Children are deeply affected by #VerifiedHate.
Seeing official accounts condemning them and their families for the color of their skin crushes their self-esteem. They grow up hating themselves and do not develop the healthy self-image required to properly function in society.

verified hate kids wheat field

verified hate grunge lesterverified hate grunge mahogany brownverified hate grunge lindsay ellisverified hate grunge nancy sinatra





Somebody tried to call my bluff on Twitter, here are all the archives for the 3rd Collage in tweet-sized chunks:

The first column of #VerifiedHate 3

The second column of #VerifiedHate 3

The third column of #VerifiedHate 3

The fourth column of #VerifiedHate 3

The fifth column of #VerifiedHate 3

MSM and others on Twitter are trying to call this harassment. We have not encouraged anyone to report these tweets, and I am not @ing the people in the tweets we have archived. The purpose is to bring attention to hateful rhetoric coming from verified users on Twitter.

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