The Rundown

Poverty Pimp or Mistrial Matron?

Maxine Waters has a huge mouth and flaps her gums like Dumbo attempting liftoff. This doesn’t come back to bite her in the California raisin as often as we’d like, but Judge Peter Cahill today implied that it might. Derek Chauvin’s lawyer Eric “Full” Nelson had omitted Congresswoman Waters’ name as he asked Judge Cahill to […]

Alex Jones Trendline Talk: InfoWars host According to Google

Alex Jones puts gravel in his Listerine and is responsible for leading many to bebe’s first conspiracy theory. Let’s take a look at Alex Jones over the past 5 years according to Google Trends. JULY 2016 Alex Jones smashed July 2016 and the Republican National Convention. In somewhat calculated fashion he trolled and jackassed his […]