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Donald Trump Keyword Clues – Net Worth, Youth & Impeached

Let’s take a look at what people are searching for in regards to Donald Trump, and what pages Google has them landing on.

Nothing too juicy here in the top results, although “donald trump twitter” would indicate that 1.0m auto-pilot strong enough to ask Google instead of just going to Twitter directly.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Most celebrity search breakdowns include queries about their net worth, and especially so for “Donald Trump Net Worth“. As usual, Wikipedia tops the list of factoid fetchers.

Most of the Wikipedia article is written by user Galobtter, who is active on the site several times per day showing interest in Tigra Dam, Seoul, and Mike Cernovich.

Donald Trump Young

Donald Trump Young” is all about pictures. Wikipedia maintains the #1 position, with and getting traffic from people searching out images that haven’t been through the Boomer Facebook Compression & Artifact Acquisition Cycle™. This keyword commands a high Cost Per Click (CPC) for it’s search volume ($15.70), indicating that advertisers realize Buzzfeed writing employees need high quality feature images for their latest scoop on bone spurs.

Is Donald Trump Getting Impeached

Careers have been made, delayed and forbade on “Is Donald Trump Getting Impeached“. What surprises me here is the search volume at this point. Are there 18,100 people just hitting F5 on reality? Also of note are the whopping 624,352 social shares on this article from The Atlantic published March 2019.

They saved him a cell next to Joseph Kony.

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