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Steve Lookner Thanking Mods on Agenda-Free TV

Steve Lookner is a feisty old new old YouTuber clocking some massive hours lately; enduring daily streams running up to eight hours. Every day, Steve suits up in front of the hot lights of his living room and begins his ballad of browser tabs. With seemingly the entire Sears men’s department at his disposal, Steve commands the ratio of both hair to product and likes to dislikes with an Agenda-Free Fist.

but especially Sesame Street

Steve is a Harvard grad who started out as an editor for The Harvard Lampoon. From there he went on to cartwheel through all sorts of Y2Kino, writing for shows such as Saturday Night Live, MadTV, The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show, Seinfeld, The Weird Al Show, Last Call with Carson Daily, The Man Show and Sesame Street.

In November 2001, Steve decided to get a haircut and move in front of the camera for Dave and Steve’s Video Game Explosion. It first aired on TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) as well as the Burly Bear TV network at 2:00am Wednesdays & Thursdays. In episode 4 they debunk Tony Hawk actually existing, and the first minute of the debut episode below is unequivocally the greatest in the history of the medium.

this could not have went better

Surprisingly, the college video game TV show gig did not last long. With a decade to go before meeting his first mod, Steve found himself cranking out parody books for those sweet, sweet BezosBux.

The Lightning Fart: A Parody of The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 1)

Summer 2016 was objectively the greatest time to be alive in America, and Steve Lookner was no exception. Fresh off his authorial victories, Lookner co-hosted a series of live-streams from Trump rallies across the country for RSBN with Liz Willis.

spaghetti everywhere

Things were looking good for Lookner and RSBN in 2016. Donald Trump streamed their live coverage of the presidential debates on his Facebook page, where on Oct. 24th RSBN launched a nightly newscast. On December 7th 2016, it was announced Right Side Broadcasting Network would have access to the White House Press Room, and there was speculation about a future “Trump TV” birthed from this budding partnership. Until there wasn’t.

David Brock and Media Matters deal in propaganda

Left with the skills and the time, Steve launched his own channel called Agenda-Free TV and never looknerd back. There’s a good chance he’s streaming at this very moment.

5,000 tuned in for this 4 hour ChapStick Unboxing stream

“The trip and my encounter with [Steve Lookner], DC, and Vali did not happen as I reported, or at all,” Sylvester wrote. “The scene was a composite of specific anecdotes shared to me primarily by the two other parties, DC and Vali; Lookner did not share or take part in these anecdotes either.”

Nick B. Sylvester was suspended from his post as senior associate editor of The Village Voice over a fabricated story he published involving Steve Lookner using deceptive male seduction tricks offered in Neil Strauss’ book “The Game.” 

sure he was.

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