CNN Declares War On The Internet

CNN is a mess folks, believe me!

cuomo CNN blackmail tweet

I am starting to wonder if we have somebody on the inside feeding CNN horrible advice. Not only were key players at CNN quickly doxed themselves, but millions of people felt inspired to learn the art of gif creation in one afternoon. Thus the “CNN Gif” genre was born, as Don Lemon(drop) spirals further into alcoholism.

don lemon

so based

CNN felt it had the authority to scold and shame alleged creator of the Trump CNN Wrestling Gif/mp4 into correcting his WrongThink. They elicited a lengthy and cucky apology from the alleged creator, and then implied they would reveal his identity were he to rescind his words.

cnn threat

There was some dis-info floating around that aforementioned plebbit user “HanAssholeSolo” (cringe) was a 15-year old tranny. This is false, as the user has been found on Facebook and is at least twice that age. Tranny status remains unconfirmed, and I won’t name him here because I am not cancerous.  What I will do is list some tools you can use to make your own CNN Gifs™!

Here are some CNN logos to work with. Gifs can be created using many different methods, and I assure you it’s something you can handle.

Free Websites:

These are all great, offering similar results. They can be finicky, so I advise you to start with a simple gif lest you invest time only to find it won’t export properly.

GIMP is a popular free image editor, and can create gifs if you install a plugin:

Of course, if you want to get silly; the Adobe monopoly Creative Suite is the way to go.

Once you are ready to start, sites like are full of gifs you can overlay with your CNN logo.


Check out for some handy Trump head .png files.

Here is a list of CNN sponsors, who surely cannot wait to hear from you:

Some choice cuts from the slaughter:

journo code of ethics

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