Trump Ruins CNN’s Long Weekend With One Tweet

This is what winning looks like.

The Salt Market is in chaos as supply has suddenly spiked 6000000x in mere hours.

cnn salt

Various Fake News outlets demand that Trump stop using social media because it is “un-presidential”. The reality is that social media removes all power MSM used to hold, as bad photos and moody music can no longer be deployed to shape whichever narrative they choose.

The mountain of salt is endless, completely out of ammo they fall back on the Russian Hooker Piss Party nonsense.


Whoops! He forgot about all the strong womens! Bad libshit!


blue check-mark revoked?

Here’s a handy gif to send to everyone you’ve ever met:

trump wrestling tweet gif

Winning runs in the family. President Trump has gifted us on this day, and it’s only getting better from here!


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